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  • ★ 1. Prevent electric shock, prevent leakage, prevent surge, durable and long service life, overload protection.

  • ★ 2. Three-dimensional use of space, each layer has an independent switch, can be turned off when not in use, convenient and safe.

  • ★3. There is overload protection at the bottom. When the total power of the load exceeds the rated power, the power will be automatically cut off. After the overload is removed, the button can be used to restore the safety of the appliance.

  • ★4. The bottom of the turntable that houses the power cord, the protection circuit is easy to store, USB charging, compatible with most USB devices.

  • ★ 5. Scope of application: office, factory, family, car, etc.

  • Size:4  |  Colour:Gray

    Weight: 1.0 kg
    Power cord length: 3 meters
    Number of holes: 14
    Rated current: 10A
    Rated voltage: 100-250V
    Ambient temperature: 50-100 ° C
    Shell material: flame retardant plastic ABS anti-oxidation plastic (high temperature does not burn)
    Conductor material: copper parts
    Rated power: 3500W
    Power cord copper core: copper wire
    Color: orange, red, blue, purple, gray
    One layer 3 meters 3 slots 2USB
    Second floor 3 meters 6 plug 4USB
    Three-layer 3 m 9-position 6 USB
    Four layers 3 meters 12 slots 8USB
    Five layers 3 meters 15 slots 10USB
    USB fast charging, using 2100mA charging interface, can be charged by most devices, the switch is controlled independently.
    High-quality copper, excellent electrical conductivity, fast heat dissipation and less heat.
    Multi-function socket, USB socket, desktop vertical design, USB fast charging.
    The center of gravity of the base remains stable, and the process is not easy to be touched, ensuring safety when using electricity.
    The portable design can be used in various places, and the design is simple and labor-saving.
    Intelligent USB, overload protection, handles, and independent switches.
    4 face design, dual USB jack, super compatible, overload protection, universal three-hole jack.

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    USB vertical socket universal jack power switch plug-in integrated chassis retractable cable rotary socket - B07H773Y5V

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